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About the Portal

As a gate to e-Government services, "Saudi" e-Government portal is available to citizens, expatriates, companies and visitors for access to e-Government services in Saudi Arabia from anywhere. E-services are delivered to users in highly efficient manner.

E-services are accessible through “Saudi” portal either by integration with other government agencies or by providing of links to those agencies or their services on the portal.

Besides e-services, the portal features the following attributes:

  • An important information sources for the news and events in Saudi Arabia.
  • Directory of government agencies.
  • Hosts many links to rules and regulations, plans and initiatives.
  • "About Saudi Arabia" section provides information on Saudi Arabia

The e-Government Program (Yesser) launched (Saudi) national portal in compliance with Saudi cabinet resolution # 40 dated 27/2/1427 H corresponding to 27/3/2006. The resolution laid rules for e-Government services in government agencies. It states: “A national portal shall be established by the e-Government Program to facilitate access to government information and services”.

Saudi Arabia e-Government vision provides for: “Ensure access of all users to efficient, safe, integrated and easy government services through multiple channels”.

Leverage of the quality of services provided by government agencies has been a strategic item of the e-Government 2nd Action Plan (2012-2016). Moreover, the plan contained an e-services stream that boosts the e-services three dimensions: Availability, Maturity and Accessibility.

Saudi Cabinet issued a circular letter on 05/03/1437 instructing all government agencies to  compile their services and applications together with service descriptions for entry into the e-Government Observatory under MCIT control for eventual publication in “Saudi” national portal.

To support (Saudi) Portal, you can add its approved logo and icons in government websites and all other websites. (Download logo).

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