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88th National Day… Renewing allegiance together

The advancement of any nation won’t be upright if it is not built upon authentic foundations and solid structures. In our country, we still recall the beginning of the story of our glory and cherish our values that formed the building bricks of this solid structure.
At that time of the year, we renew loyalty and allegiance and show our love to our generous homeland and wise leadership.
On our 88th National Day, we take a stand to review our roles and responsibilities within the integrated system of the country. We also, don’t forget the values upon which this blessed country was founded. We are thus giving back to our country and its leaders who have placed every citizen at the heart of all advancement plans and development projects, and provided them with the means of pride, empowerment, security and sustainability.

First day of Libra

Saudi Arabia celebrates its national day on the first day of Libra, corresponding to 23rd of September each year, it marks the unification of the Kingdom and its establishment by His Majesty King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud. The choice of this day came on the 17th of Jumada I 1351 AH. A royal decree was issued to unify all parts of the modern Saudi state under the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On Thursday, 21 Jumada I of the same year, 23 September 1932, King Abdul Aziz chose to announce the establishment of our dear country. Since then, Saudi Arabia has celebrated this day every year, and all its different regions and sectors have witnessed the various manifestations of celebration.


An Ambitious Nation with responsible citizens

"The nation we aspire to build will not be integrated without a grand, collective national effort where everyone contributes. All of us have roles to fulfill, whether we work in the public, private or non-profit sectors. We will therefore work continually to achieve our hopes and fulfil our aspirations and responsibilities to our country, our society, our families, and to ourselves". Vision 2030.

National Day Holiday

In the year 1425 AH / 2005, the Royal Decree No. 7/1600 / B was issued, including the proclamation of the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the first of Libra to become and official holiday in all national sectors. The Declaration was followed by regulations:

  • If the national day falls on Friday, it will be compensated on Thursday and if it falls on Saturday, it will be compensated Sunday
  • If the National Day falls on Wednesday and the holiday of one of the two Eid holidays begins on Friday, the holiday begins from the beginning of the National Day holiday

We celebrate consciously

We must take advantage of this occasion to combine joy and celebration with enforcing the values of development, hard work, respect for the law and the preservation of the country's capabilities and achievements. Over the past years, the various sectors of the country have been keen to offer a variety of recreational and entertainment activities for citizens and residents to celebrate this occasion in an organized and enjoyable atmosphere.



Previous celebrations.. Full of joy

Celebrations and more

The national day celebration in Saudi Arabia takes many forms that include but not limited to:

  • Entertainment Programs in major cities
  • Traditional and Folk shows
  • Art exhibitions
  • Fireworks and laser displays
  • Aerobatics
  • Plays
  • Cultural tours
  • Shopping offers and discounts
  • School activities in all regions

Everyone is invited

The events held in conjunction with the celebration of the National Day will include all members of society from different age and social groups. On our National Day, we also witness the sincere and loving participation among citizens and expats. They share this precious celebration in their second home country, where they enjoy safety, prosperity and blessed life.

Joy Guardians

In the midst of our celebration of the national day, we do not forget our brave soldiers and security men, who defend the nation and protect its security and prosperity. They went away from their families and loved ones, to offer their sacrifices as the greatest sign of their love for the country. In our national day, we send them messages of pride, and support praying to Allah Almighty to protect them and care for them.

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