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“Saudi” portal is committed to applying the highest technical standards in the field of portals and always looks to use the state of the art technologies in order to enhance the portal and facilitate accessibility to its contents. This will in turn increase the number of users and visitors and their interaction via the portal.  

Accordingly, the portal management has applied the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and complies with the guiding principles of web access (WCAG 2.0) related to accessibility to all components of the portal content.

Moreover, the portal is compatible with all standards of the W3C regarding easy to use, accessibility, as well as other technical standards which all help develop portals. “Saudi” portal is also totally compatible with navigators such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, and sufficiently with the other navigators.

People with special needs

  • One of the main achievements of “Saudi” portal with respect to easy to use and accessibility standards is targeting people with special needs by offering a set of new features which help this category access the portal effectively.
  • “Saudi” portal uses Text Reader feature as one of the means to help the user read the text on the portal page, without requiring to activate any other software. This feature is very useful for the visually impaired and to portal users who have difficulties in reading texts through the internet. 
  • Additionally, the portal management has created a new feature will allows the visitors to navigate most of the portal’s pages using the keyboard, making the portal more user-friendly. Below is a table which shows the symbols used to access the said pages.
  • In order to maximize the number of beneficiaries, all content of the portal has been translated into English, taking into account that there are millions of users who are fluent in English rather than Arabic, yet they want to make use of the services offered by “Saudi” portal.
  • The portal provides many presentations and info graphs in a user-friendly way, and enable the visitor to register and make use of several services.
  • “Saudi” portal also gives the opportunity to change the theme of homepage or any other page irrespective whether the visitor is registered with the portal or not. Enabling the visitor to choose among different themes is suitable for people suffering visual impairment as such themes are compatible with W3C standards and comply with the guiding principles of web access (WCAG 2.0).

Multiple channels for service delivery

Public institutions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always look to improve their services. To this end, they have established several channels to deliver e-services to their clients in a free of charge, safe, and reliable manner. These channels include websites, SMS service, mobile phones, self-service booths, and ATM.

One way to facilitate delivery of services is to provide them on the spot. For example:  

  1. Passport service for the elderly: This service is provided by Department of Civil Status/Ministry of Interior to the elderly and persons with special needs wherever they live
  2. Ministry of Justice’s service to persons with special needs at their homes: The Ministry of Justice provides its services to the elderly and persons with special needs at their homes. Such services are delivered for a certain fee specified under the law. The service is delivered begins with calling the Documentation Department. After identifying the location, an employee from the Department will go immediately to the client’s house to deliver the concerned service.  

Navigation via smart phones

“Saudi” portal can be navigated using smart phones and internet navigators, and many services and features such as search, language options, e-services, and public institution directory can be provided using smart phones.

Using the smart phone portal, the visitor can read about the latest news, respond to the surveys, and contact the customer service center. “Saudi” portal is more and more compatible with mobile devices.


* To have (Saudi) Portal best loaded and displayed on all web browsers, make sure you use latest versions of such browsers. As for Internet Explorer, it’s better to get the (edge) version installed.

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