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The National Government Procurement Electronic System (Monafasat)

The National Government Procurement Electronic System in one of the most important essential pillars of the e-Government. As one of the most important national projects, the system receives special attention from the Saudi government represented by Ministry of Finance. This project provides for standardization and simplification of tendering and procurement for all government sectors. Moreover, it will support transparency among government agencies and suppliers. While simplifying of procedures and facilitating access to as many suppliers as possible, the system will have a positive impact on competition and quality.


Creation of a global level advanced national model that ensure pioneering and competitiveness in the area of online government procurement.


Ensure satisfaction of government agencies and customers by creation of integrated online tendering and procurement environment within established rules and regulations.


The National Tendering and Procurement Government Procurement System is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Automation of government tendering and procurement system
  • Standardization of government procurement activities and creation of a universal standard system
  • Enforcement of procurement control and auditing systems
  • Maximization of the economic return by reducing of time and labor cost and waste
  • Strengthening of equity and transparency. Contribute to anti-corruption control
  • Continuous cooperation, communication, sharing and exchange of data and information among government agencies and the private sector as well
  • Boosting the adoption of e-Government

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