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No, the Saudi eGovernment Portal is the main point of access to eGovernment services. Some of these eServices can be accessed by Mobile apps, SMS, Kiosks, Post offices, Service centres. Other channels are being added as well.

All eServices provided by Government Agencies in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Users can access these eServices via the Internet without visiting the ministries or agencies. The Saudi Portal makes this possible by connecting the user with the desired service directly through its website.

Various government agencies provide these services. Each has developed a number of eServices to make it easy for Users to access them. Government agencies are still in the process of developing and adding eServices.

eGovernment Services are modern concepts that use IT and Communications to achieve an ultimate level of utilisation of Government resources and quality assurance. It is defined as “the effectively collective utilization of IT and Communications aspects in order to facilitate and accelerate services with a high level of accuracy within Government Agencies (G-G; Government to Government), and between agencies and agencies related to citizens (G-C; Government to Citizen), and between Business Sectors (G-B; Government to Business). eGovernment Services aim at providing an exceptional government service for citizens, business sectors, government agencies and KSA visitors.

Based on this, Royal decree No. 7/B/33181 dated, 10/07/1424H was issued. It outlines a plan for the provision of online services by the Ministry of Communications. The Decree also stresses the importance of cooperation between Government Agencies in all spheres of life to transform into the society into an information community. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and Communications and Information Technology Organization, established the eGovernment program to achieve these objectives.

The national Saudi eGovernment Portal is the central government portal through which citizens, residents, businesses and visitors can access to eGovernment services and other government organisations and businesses online. This approach has been chosen as the best way to enable government services in an efficient manner. It makes eServices accessible anytime from anywhere via the Internet. Broad eService accessibility is achieved by providing eServices via the Portal, either by integrating with other government agencies or through links to their websites.

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