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Vision 2030

Our vision

Saudi Arabia... The heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds, the investment powerhouse, and the hub connecting three continents.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is blessed with many rich resources. Its geographic, cultural, social, demographic and economic advantages have enabled The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to take a leading position in the world.

To build a progressive future for the country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's has developed a vision based on three pillars that highlight its unique competitive advantages (listed below). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regional status and stature enables it to take a leading role as the “heart” of Arab and Islamic nations, the Kingdom will use its investment power to create a more diverse and sustainable economy, and finally, The Kingdom will use its strategic location to connect the three continents of Africa, Asia and Europe together.

Our vision is based on the following three pillars:

1. A vital society,

2. A thriving economy, and

3. An ambitious nation.

These pillars are integrated to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom.

Vital Society

- With Strong Values

The Kingdom has enormous untapped opportunities and a rich blend of natural resources, in addition to its real wealth of people and society. The Kingdom’s Islamic faith and national unity make it an exceptional nation, making it the core of the Arab and Islamic worlds and the heart of Islam. The Kingdom is confident and with God’s grace, that it can build a brighter future based on Islamic principles. The Kingdom will continue to excel in performing its responsibilities towards pilgrims, and it is proud of its deep-rooted national identity.


- Life Fulfillment

The happiness of citizens and residents is important to the Kingdom's leaders, and this can be achieved by ensuring social well-being, a good quality of life, a healthy lifestyle and positive living environment.


With Strong Foundations

The Kingdom’s goal is to enhance and reinvigorate social development in order to build a strong and productive society. The Kingdom will strengthen the core family values, provide education that builds children’s character, and establish empowering health and social care systems.


Thriving Economy

- With Rewarding Opportunities

The Kingdom’s children’s skills and competencies are one of the most important and cherished resources. To further this potential, the Kingdom will develop a culture that enhances recognition, provides opportunities for all and helps everyone to gain the necessary skills to achieve their personal goals. The Kingdom also will reinforce the ability of the economy to generate diverse job opportunities and attract global talents and qualified people.


- With Attractive Competitiveness

The openness of the Kingdom for business will boost productivity and facilitate its journey to becoming one of the largest economies in the world. The Kingdom will improve its business environment, restructure economic cities, create special zones and deregulate the energy market to make it more competitive.


With Effective Investments

Diversifying Kingdom’s economy is vital for its sustainability. Even though oil and gas are essential pillars of the economy, the Kingdom has begun to expand its

investments into new sectors.

Despite some complex challenges ahead, the Kingdom have long-term plans to overcome them. In the past 25 years, the Saudi economy has grown by an annual average rate of more than 4%, contributing to the creation of millions of new jobs. Although the Kingdom is already among the 20th largest economies in the world, its ambitions are even greater. The Kingdom aspires to have, by 2030, an even higher ranking, even with standing the present global economic slowdown. The key here will be an investment in all resources in order to diversify the economy, unleash the capabilities of other promising economic sectors and privatisation of some government services.


Leveraging its unique position

The Kingdom is located in important international trade routes between three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa. The Kingdom will aim to maximise the benefits of this strategic geographic position, by establishing new strategic partnerships to grow the economy and help Saudi companies to increase exports. The Kingdom will leverage this unique logistic positioning to vast energy sources to stimulate a new phase of industrialisation and increase its exports and re-exports.


An Ambitious Nation

- With effective Government

The roles and requirements of government have grown significantly since the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There is always a need to continuously improve and keep pace with rising expectations and face new challenges as well as achieving the high standards of transparency and accountability. In turn, this government is committed to efficiently and effectively managing its finances and create an agile public administration and tracking of its performance.


With Responsible Citizens

The Kingdom is willing to build a country with collective national efforts where all citizens contribute to it. In turn, all citizens have roles to fulfill, regardless if they are working in the public, private or non-profit sectors. All citizens will work continuously to assist in the achievement of these ambitions and be collectively responsible as part of the Kingdom, society and families.







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