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Terms of Use

The National Saudi eGovernment Portal (referred to as the Portal or the National Portal) is available for all Users. Accessing this Portal or using it will follow all laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

By accessing this Portal, Users consider as having entered into an unlimited agreement to all terms of use, whether the User is registered or not. This approval becomes effective immediately upon first using or accessing the Portal.

Any further modifications to the terms of use shall be applied immediately upon announcement unless otherwise stated.

Continuous use and access to the Portal is taken as confirmation of the Users full approval and agreement to such modifications.

User Restrictions

By accessing this Portal, Users agree to avoid:

Providing or uploading files that contain software, material, data or any other information that not possess or licensed to the User.

Using this Portal to send any commercial or unsolicited email or misuse the Portal in any other way.

Providing or uploading files that might/or contain viruses.

Disseminating, announcing, distributing or circulating materials and information that are defamatory or violate rules of the Kingdom, and any other unacceptable material or actionable information.

Using this Portal to participate in any illegal or illegitimate activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Using the Portal to announce any product or service that may result in the violation of laws or rules in the Kingdom.

Using any tool, Programme or action that interrupt or may interrupt the operation of the Portal.

Doing any action that places unreasonable load or requires huge storage on the Portal’s infrastructure.

Termination of Use

We have the authority as per our absolute evaluation. To terminate limit or suspend a User's right to log in or use the Portal with no notification and for any reason including violating the terms of use or any action that may be considered by us as illegal or as causing harm to others. In such termination, the User will be not authorised to log in to the Portal.

Links to the National Portal

Users must submit the specified application form to get the eGovernment Programme approval before linking to this Portal, displaying its content, or engaging in any similar activities.

The eGovernment Programme supervisors have the right to impose the terms it deems fit when permitting the establishment of any link to the Portal or any of its content.

The eGovernment Programme supervisors shall not, in any circumstance, be deemed as a participant or as a concerned party about any brands, logos, or any other promotional means used or appearing on websites linked to this Portal or any of its contents.

The eGovernment Programme supervisors have the right to suspend or remove any links related to any website that contains inappropriate, unacceptable or illegal topics or any illegitimate names, materials or information, in addition to any materials that violate either legislation, intellectual property rights or privacy and public rights.

The eGovernment Programme supervisors have the right to remove any unauthorised link at any time. It bears no liability for any content on any website other than its own, whether the site is accessed through the Portal or is used to access the Portal.

Links from the National Portal

Links to other portals or websites are available for users to ease their access. The Portal is not responsible for content or accuracy of such portals or websites. Accessing these links is the responsibility of users, and the National eGovernment Portal is not responsible.

We aim to replace non-active links with active ones, but we cannot ensure that links will always be active.

Copyright Notice

This Portal is under the supervision of the eGovernment Programme “YESSER”, which is subordinate to the MICT, the Communications and Information Technologies Commission and the MoF in KSA.

All content available on the National eGovernment Portal protected by the national rules and regulations related to publications, brand names and all other intellectual property rights. All intellectual property rights relating to the Portal's content are protected and considered as the property of the eGovernment Programme.

Except where otherwise stated, Users are not authorised to sell, license, lease, modify, copy, reproduce or download, publicise, transport, distribute or edit any materials explicitly derived from the content of this Portal without the prior written approval of the National Portal Management.

It is prohibited to change or modify any of the Portal’s content. In addition, all pictures and media included within the Portal are protected by publication copyright, and it is not permitted to copy or use such content without prior written approval of the National Portal Management.


Users hereby agree to comply exclusively with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia jurisdiction with regards to any issue or dispute arising as a result of the use of this Portal.


The National Saudi eGovernment Portal (referred to as The Portal or the National Portal) is a government portal administered by YESSER, whose contents have published in co-operation with other government agencies.

In collaboration with other government agencies, YESSER has exerted the utmost efforts to simplify beneficiary transactions in KSA. However, in this respect, neither government agencies nor YESSER can guarantee the accuracy and reliability of Portal content as some of the information it contains may be changed by the relevant agencies before it changes on the Portal. As a result, neither government agencies nor YESSER is responsible for the result of using the information contained in the Portal.

The Portal has prepared in compliance with current regulations in Saudi Arabia. Under this resolution, YESSER cannot guarantee:

The accuracy and reliability of information

Responsiveness to external attack or hacking

Sustainability or effectiveness

Propriety of Portal Content

Neither the Portal nor the server will contain viruses or other malicious elements.

Neither YESSER nor any other government agency may be held legally responsible for direct or indirect loss or damage that may result from the use of the Portal.

The Portal contains links to other websites that are not subordinate to the YESSER eGovernment Programme supervisors and so are not responsible for the content of those sites. Any dangers arising from browsing websites through the links provided on the Portal are the responsibility of the user.

The Portal contains links to other websites or portals that may attempt to protect information and privacy using tools which are different from those used by the Portal; consequently, we are not responsible either for this content or the tools of privacy protection used. We advise users to review the privacy policies of these websites.

The Portal’s network server automatically collects the IP addresses of visitors. These IP addresses are used to help to resolve server issues and to conduct statistical evaluations.

Some of the Programme’s websites use Cookies; these files give users full access to websites. If desired, Cookies can be used to remember passwords, to simplify the process of accessing the website. Cookies files are stored on the computer's hard disk, if they have been accepted and coded.

Limits of Liability

Online eServices offered on the Portal, in addition to information regarding government agencies, are intended as tools of simplifying manual procedures. Users hereby acknowledge their awareness that online communications can be spied upon or hacked by third parties. As confirmed, users are aware that the Portal will not alter information made available by official government agencies and that in addition, all online applications and administrative procedures can also be made directly and executed in person.

Consequently, use of the Portal is the user's responsibility, whereby the Portal takes no responsibility for any loss or damage users may suffer as a result of using and visiting the Portal, including as the result of any information, statement or view announced on it.

Further, the Portal is not responsible for any problems that may arise in accessing the Internet, in addition to any damages in machines, software, nor can it be held responsible for any misconduct or malicious comment made by other users logged in to the Portal.

Protection from Viruses

We exert the utmost efforts, in constant review and monitor the content of this Portal. However, we advise users to avail themselves of the appropriate antivirus Programmes when attempting to download any content from the Portal. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to data or the User computer that may arise during use of this Portal or any of its content.

Assignment of Claims

The national eGovernment portal and all its services, sources of information and other materials are for personal use without acknowledgement or warranty. The Portal is not responsible for errors or excesses that may arise as a result of the use of its content or links, whether known or unknown.

Any communication or information that may be sent by portal users are not the possession of the sender nor guaranteed concerning privacy. In addition, any interactive use by portal users does not guarantee any rights, licenses or privileges of any kind.


Users hereby acknowledge never to act against the YESSER eGovernment Programme, or any of its administrators including all agencies, employees or authorised agents responsible for managing or updating the Saudi eGovernment Portal. This clause is considered legal exemption of obligations or responsibilities that may arise regarding claims resulting from user violation of terms, conditions of use or any other relevant regulations, inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Standards for Comments and eParticipation

All comments in eParticipation channels or on social networks are thoroughly reviewed to make sure that Users have observed the standards and regulations relating to making comments.

The Portal Administration has the power to exclude any comments deemed inappropriate and Users enjoined to:

Observe general ethics and avoid any inappropriate phrases or use of impolite words

Keep comments relevant, focused on the issue under discussion.

Avoid personal criticism that does not enrich the discussion.

Avoid fanaticism.

Be completely certain of their accuracy when referring to Qura'anic texts or religious views and to permit only specialists to discuss such topics.

Avoid posting any personal information, such as contact details, within comments.

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