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Service Level Agreement of Saudi portal

The SLA provides for the terms and conditions under which the National E-government Portal “Saudi” will provide its services to the visitors and other beneficiaries. The SLA sets the framework to provide high quality services meeting the needs and expectations of the visitors. The SLA includes the following provisions:  

Responsibilities of “Saudi” portal:

SLA is between the National E-government Portal “Saudi” and its visitors whether individuals (citizens and expatriates), business sector, or visitors of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Management of “Saudi” portal is committed to addressing problems related to registration or access to the portal’s sections and pages
Management of “Saudi” portal is committed to reviewing its content regularly and provide an updated content to its visitors in both Arabic and English if possible
Management of “Saudi” portal is committed to responding to the visitors’ inquires and taking useful and feasible suggestions into account
Management of “Saudi” portal is keen on providing the latest information on its sections to the visitors and announcing on the updates according to its content plans   
Management of “Saudi” portal is committed to providing the services above during holidays and maintenance periods.

Responsibilities of the portal’s users:

Entry to the portal represents a preliminary agreement with all terms and conditions of use
It is prohibited to enter “Saudi” portal to cause any damage to the portal’s and its contents
The visitor of “Saudi” portal is encouraged to report any deficiency, error, problems facing him/her while using the portal
The provisions of this SLA becomes effective once entering “Saudi” portal and throughout using it.


Service Level Agreement (SLA) at some Government Agency Websites:


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